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Encryption dog, also known as encryption lock, is a software and hardware encryption product used in computers, intelligent hardware devices, industrial computers, cloud systems and so on. Software developers manage software authorization through dongles, prevent unauthorized use or resist piracy threats, and protect source code and algorithms. The generalized dongle is a complete set of software encryption scheme. Considering the usage, economic value, cracking pressure and software use environment of different software, a complete software encryption solution is designed from the aspects of software and hardware identification, data communication, authorization management, distribution mode and physical hardware requirements.
A good software encryption solution must include all aspects involved in software protection, such as security, ease of use, durability, good compatibility, cross platform, rich authorization management functions, etc. Security is a barrel effect. If only software shelling tools or API encryption are used, or only smart card dongle is considered, these methods have shortcomings and will be used and attacked by crackers.
Chinese original software enterprises are surviving in the cracks. In addition to being squeezed by domestic and foreign software giants, they are also facing the great impact of piracy on software development. And because the development of Chinese software enterprises is changing from software imitation to innovation and creativity, software encryption has become the top priority of Chinese software enterprises and even hardware equipment manufacturers. The dongle can be simply divided into hardware and software encryption security schemes:
01 hardware dongle - software protection password box
First of all, it needs to be clear that software encryption is completely from the perspective of software developers. It emphasizes software protection and non piracy, including that the source code is not decompiled, the software is not tampered with at will, the software is not reverse engineered, and the software authorization is not illegally copied or tampered with. That is, software encryption is a comprehensive concept from the side, not to achieve the real security protection effect with a certain skill or method.
The prices of pure hardware encryption dog products on the market vary from low-cost products to high-end encryption products. Its product feature is that the encryption dog manufacturer provides hardware and interface functions to software developers, and the software calls the hardware, so as to achieve the effect that the software can not be accessed without the encryption dog on the surface, and realize software encryption. Using such products, software developers need to spend a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and a lot of time to do software encryption schemes. If the software developers do not have the development strength, the encrypted software is very easy to be cracked.
Hardware dongle
? Therefore, the technical service capability of pure hardware dongle manufacturers is particularly important. On the one hand, it saves time and cost for software developers. On the other hand, high-quality technical service means high-speed after-sales response, so as to eliminate the loss of users due to the failure of dongles. From this perspective, the value of pure hardware dongle is not only reflected in its hardware price, but also depends on the services of dongle manufacturers, especially high-end dongle products.
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